Do you like our books? Help us to sell them, we’ll pay you!

By creating your account on our site, you have joined our sponsorship program. It allows you to earn credits to finance your purchases on our site:

  • On your first purchase, 10% of the paid amount of your order is transferred to your account.
  • Your registration has generated a code (visible on the My Account page) that you can communicate to your friends, by mail, sms, twitter …
  • You earn 10% of your referral purchases (except their first), and 10% of what they earn as sponsors.
  • Each credit is valid for one year. You will receive an e-mail 10 days before the expiry date of your credit.

In short, you have nothing to do but share your love of reading!

You will find the terms and conditions there. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

An example with numbers !

Pierre has already bought books from Cent Mille Milliards. He enrolls in the referral program. For his first purchase after becoming a member of the program, Pierre buys Journal rêvé d’un président amoureux on paper, delivered at home, for 22.38 euros. He will receive credit 2.23 euros as a welcome gift in the referral program.

Pierre then sends an invitation (by mail, twitter, facebook…) to Paul, who, intrigued by Pierre’s enthusiasm, registers on the Cent Mille Milliards website with the referral code sent by Pierre. He also buys Journal rêvé d’un président amoureux for 22.38 euros. As this is his first purchase on the site after registering and becoming a member of the program, he receives the welcome bonus, in this case 2.23 euros. As Pierre is his referrer, he receives 0.22 euros (10% of the credit earned by Paul).

Paul, who loved the adventures of François H., is intrigued by J’ai une bonne solution de repli sur Mimizan, and buys it 30.06 euros (shipping included). As this is not his first purchase, he does not earn credit. But Pierre, as his referrer, earns then 3 euros.

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