Marco Hazan

marco hazan OK

Marco Hazan is the youngest author at Cent Mille Milliards. This 18 years old law student is the co-creator of the Humans of Paris Facebook page. Passionate about photography and Paris, he started taking picture of people in the street, talking with each of them for a few minutes (and sometimes more). With his friends, he gathered a community of nearly 260 000 people by posting every day portraits of Parisians, residents as well as tourists, with a caption – a sentence, a quote, an opinion, an anecdote… – born from his encounters. An original and artistic way to give people the opportunity to see a different Paris than the one they are used to – or expecting.

The Humans of Paris book is a selection of 450 previously unseen pictures. The results of more than three years of incessant work. It is an exploration, over 250 pages, of what Paris and Parisians actually are, beyond the tired clichés : funny, wise, serious, loving life, of every shapes, colors and sizes…

You can read the first few pages on the book page.